Alex Martin does a beautiful job of making the connection between folk music and jazz: musics of the people that respond to the moment, never played the same way twice. He and the talented musicians who join him on this record take us on a joyous, improvised journey around the world. Get your ticket and connect.” - Tom Cole, host, "G-Strings," WPFW, 89.3 FM, Washington, DC

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Listen to an interview on Tom Cole's "G-Strings" radio show (WPFW 89.3 in Washington, DC). Alex and Tom chat about the music, Tom plays some tracks from Second Life and Nostalgia, and Alex plays a bit of solo guitar. Tom's show (on the air since 1977) is legendary among musicians and lovers of guitar music. You can listen to it live any Sunday morning even if you're not in the DC area by visiting WPFW's Web site.” - "G-Strings" (Tom Cole)

— WPFW 89.3

Listen to an interview with Alex by Rick Bolling on WPFW 89.3 FM in Washington, DC.” - "Rolling with Rick Bolling"

— WPFW, 89.3 FM

On Nostalgia for terra incognita:

The production values and recording quality are excellent, you and the guys all play well and have a nice chemistry, and I like your writing. The latin treatments of standards (Chelsea Bridge, etc.) are well done and your vocalist has a nice feel for French and Portuguese.” - John Stowell

— Portland, Oregon

I love your CD. I can't imagine how you got so many different feels. The ideas are great, the singer is great, the soprano sax . . . everything is just wonderful.” - Gene Bertoncini

— New York City

A bridge builder par excellence. . . . I see your nieces in my head on their toes. Dancing, dancing themselves silly because that's what little girls do especially if they are lucky enough to dance to their uncle's music!” - Kristin Turner

— Austin, Texas